Book The Bejeweled Bling Bus

Do you want to host your own Bejeweled Bling Bus Party? You can earn free bling while having a get together with your friends, family, or coworkers.  Yes, I  can come to your job on your lunch break, too (just arrange with your employer).  

As your party guests feed their $5 habit, you earn free jewelry.  

  • Earn a free piece for just hosting the party.
  • Earn a free piece every 10 pieces purchased.
  • Earn more free jewelry if a friend schedules a Bejeweled Bling Bus Party from your party (once the event happens).
Or you can book, prearrange, and pre-pay for the number of pieces, that you want your set number of party goers to pick out.  This is perfect for company incentives and birthday parties.

The best parties are scheduled in 2-3 hour time slots, during the week.  Due to my busy vending schedule, if you’d like to schedule a weekend party or a later time slot, please message me.  


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