What is Fashion Fix?

Ever feel like you need fashion advice? For example have you ever thought, "What bracelet matches this necklace?" or "I would love a complete look but I have no idea where to start!". Well, your worries are over with Paparazzi's Fashion Fix!

Fashion Fix is a whole new way to feed your $5 habit! When you subscribe, you’ll receive 25 brand new pieces of jewelry - Five Trend Blends (four pieces each) plus five exclusive stylist picks along with Style Snapshots and fashion tip sheets to help maximize your sales!

Fashion Fix counts towards your personal volume (PV) totals for the month. It costs $68.75 (+ tax & shipping) each month and has 50PV attached to it.
Fashion Fix box is shipped straight to you every month, and then you have the opportunity to order more on the 4th of every month at 9pm (PST).

If you are enrolling as a new Paparazzi Consultant you will receive some Trend Blends packs in your Starter Kit! The size of the Kit determines how many of these packs you get! These packs count towards the total number of pieces in the kit.

  • The Preview Pack - 1 Trend Blend
  • Small Home Party Kit - 3 Trend Blends
  • Large Home Party Kit - 5 Trend Blends