Congratulations and welcome to the Bejeweled Bosses FAMILY!

You are starting an AMAZING journey, and I am so excited for YOU!

You are NOT alone! If I'm your sponsor - AWESOME!!!

I can't wait to discuss your plan and goals for this journey, and to introduce you to our FAMILY!

We have an amazing team who will be your #1 cheerleaders!
You can expect a call from me or you're welcome to reach out to me directly by email.

Team Pages

  • Bejeweled Bosses

    This is our team group. Although we communicate the most via messenger, you will find great learning info here:

    Bejeweled Bosses 
  • Bling Bosses

    This is our Elite Upline Betsy Minnis's group. There is alot of information shared here.

    Bling Bosses 
  • Bling It On

    This is one of our Elite Upline's Michelle Egan's group. She posts daily interactive questions and challenges.

    Bling it On